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Wedding Videographer at Stoke Rochford Hall

Since staying at Stoke Rochford for a residential course in 2002 as a trainee teacher, Stoke Rochford has always been close to my heart.

Situated in Grantham, it is a stunning venue for a wedding.  The orangery is beautiful, both for ceremonies and also for evening receptions.

A Beautiful Day Productions has filmed many weddings at Stoke Rochford and we are proud to say we are one of the preferred suppliers.

Having filmed many times at Stoke Rochford, we know lots of nice locations within the grounds to take the couple for a walk, but we always seem to find ever new locations!  It is the sort of venue which is always a pleasure to walk around with the couple.  Our style is to let the couple walk off and have a little quiet time whilst filming them from distance.  Couples seem to like some time alone and I always prefer filming in this natural and unobtrusive style.


Please have a look at some other clips from weddings at Stoke Rochford Hall below: 

At Daniel and Nicola's wedding, the entire day was held at Stoke Rochford Hall, with the ceremony in the stunning Orangery, some amazing singing waiters and beautiful weather.

The wedding of Adriano and Sabrina.  This wedding had its ceremony at the local church at Stoke Rochford, St Andrew and St Mary's church.

The evening reception was then held at Stoke Rochford.

Barry and Alice's wedding started with some morning jogging, which I decided to join in on (with the camera!).  The ceremony was held at the amazing Peterborough Cathedral and the reception was at Stoke Rochford. 

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